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I’ve been a fan of Crazy Browser for a long time, been using it for more than last 3-4 years now. Its a great piece of software & a must have if you love using IE & doesn’t eat away CPU like Avant Browser, its closest competitor. But what had been saddening was that Crazy Browser’s development had been dormant, the last release had been v1.05 on 4th April 2002. 🙁 It still lacked some features as per today’s needs & some bug fixes.

I noticed some activity on a few days ago & was happily surprised that v2.0 has gone into beta!! 😀 Now that I checked again a few minutes back, I was greeted with the notice stating

We have moved to
The program name has been changed from Crazy Browser to AM Browser.
We will no longer update this website and Crazy Browser

So a name change & the new version goes out as an RC, what do you expect more!!! 😀 If you check AM Browser website, you’ll notice that RC2 is out, so only a few days before the stable final release comes out. If like me you are not a fan of eye-candy & useless bells & whistles in your browser, then AM Browser is just the right piece of software you should have. 😉 I mean if your browser’s features aren’t good enough, what’s the use of having skins & animated menus etc. in it? If it can’t do the job its meant for, then its useless. You don’t get a browser just for good looks, you get it fot browsing the web.

And in case you don’t know, I’m talking about Avant Browser, which was maxing my 2Ghz CPU out to 100% everytime it was kept running for 3 hours on the trot which is quite normal to me as I remain online all day & that means that my browser keeps running all the time as well & I just don’t want a piece of crap which I have to re-start every 2-3 hours. 👿