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What happened last night wasn’t something that I expected, nor anyone in the family!! Dad has just finished his dinner, he was complaining about some pinching inside, but thought it would be ok. And next we know, he was unable to stand & lost his balance, the right hand side of his body was paralysed. I had him rushed to the hospital immediately & there we learnt that he’s suffered from brain haemorrhage. After the usual tests & MRI etc. he was shifted immediately to ICU(Intensive Care Unit) where the doctors want to keep him under observation for the next 72 hours which are very critical as the haemorrhage is on left side of the brain which is very vital. The surgeon said that the odds of pulling through are not more than 40%. 🙁

I just hope that he’s wrong & dad pulls through!! Because of this, I won’t be able to blog for an in-definite period. As it also happens, I’m writing this post from a cyber cafe as my internet connection is down, as due to heavy rains & winds here in New Delhi over past 4-5 days, some trees & electric poles were uprooted & the internet wires were damaged!!