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In a not so surprising move, the popular social networking tool to share one’s favourite URLs,, has joined Flickr & as recent Yahoo! purchases into the social networking arena!! A post by founder Joshua Schachter regarding this acquisition was made on the blog.

But the (financial)details of the acquisition hasn’t been made public, neither by Joshua Schachter nor by Yahoo! which also confirmed the deal as reported on c|net.

As for the news report on c|net, the & the Memepool projects were born on a part-time basis while Joshua Schachter worked his day job at the investment bank Morgan Stanley in New York. Schachter intends to move to Sunnyvale, California to the Yahoo! Search division which also houses the last Yahoo! acquisition in social networking, Flickr.

The has just nine employees including the founder Joshua Schachter, and it’ll continue to operate like its currently doing, with over 300,000 registered users!! 😉

Yahoo! seems to be hotting up its course on getting ahead in the social networking arena, as it also launched a free answering service Yahoo! Answers, a service like Google Answers which allows anyone to ask a question in one of the available categories, to which others can answer. But Yahoo! one upped Google here by making this service free. Unlike at Google Answers, you don’t need to pay anything to ask a question, however like Google Answers, here too you can set a question resolved if you like a particular answer, or else the question remains open to which anyone can post an answer. You can rate answers given by others and report abuse as well. But like everything else Yahoo!, you have to have a Yahoo! login to access this service!! 😉