Deepawali 2005 – the Videos!!

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  1. I dunno. I gave the SD Card to my friend who runs a photo studio & he put the videos on conversion overnight. He has some custom software I think.

  2. I know its not difficult, heck, its a one-click thing if you don’t want to tweak the output settings!! The point is that whatever encoders that I’d come across for MOV videos weren’t free & I didn’t see a point in spending $30+ on any of them!! So I just gave the videos to my friend & had them converted for free!!

    h.264 is giving me better results these days

    yeah, but its not that widespread!! WMV is quite widespread, not more than MOV but MOV files are bulky!! If it hadn’t been the issue of a widespread format, I’d have probably gone with Theora!! 😉 Btw, any good free convertor for h.264 that you know?

  3. No, I don’t know of free h.264 encoders, but x264 (a derivative) is open source, and thus has several free encoders, but I use h264 when I keep the files to myself. But there’s QuickTIme Pro which uses H264 in case you have the Pro version.

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