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FireFox users using v1.0.1 or earlier of the browser that took the web blitzkrieg style, are vulnerable to point of their computers getting out of their control, reports c|net.

As noted in the news story, versions earlier than FireFox v1.0.1(including v1.0.1) had a bug because of the way it handled GIF images. An attacker/hacker can take control of a computer by making the un-knowing user to open a malicious GIF image from either a web-page or by way of an eMail. This bug was fixed in FireFox 1.0.2 and 2 more bug-fix updates were released after that, but the code to exploit this vulnerability has been released on internet, so users still hanging on to v1.0.1 should upgrade real fast, ie., only if they want their computers to remain in their control!! 😉

So, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!!! 😀