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Click for a Screenshot of 'Flock' No, I’m not talking about a group of birds or a herd of animals or anything else!! Its not some new term or rage(that might be debatable) either, but its a new browser for sure!! Yes, Flock, a browser based on the open source Mozilla FireFox!!

You can also term this browser as FireFox on Steroids!! 😉 If you click the image on left, you’ll see a screenshot of this browser, which currently resembles very much to FireFox, but has a cool looking theme & graphics!! But that’s not all if you are wondering!! Its got everything that FireFox has and it has more!!

Yes, if you just see the Options panel for instance(see image below), you can see that its been re-modeled. And if you can, then you’d spot some new tabs, like “Blogging” & “WebServices”. Yeah, it allows you to post to your blog(currently supports only WordPress, Blogger & TypePad only) and you’ve access to your bookmarks, Flickr photos in “WebServices”(more will be added soon). At v0.5pre, this may not look significantly different or better than FireFox(you might be wondering why not a plugin for FireFox than a new browser), but I’ve an inkling that it might just well become better than FireFox!!

Flock -- The Options Dialog

The browser is open-source as of yet & FREE as well, with its source licensed under MPL, GPL & LGPL, with the FireFox code being under MPL and the Flock code under GPL. More on Licensing can be read at this Licensing FAQ. The browser is currently a developer release & not recommended for newbies who can’t fix a problem if something goes wrong. However, if you feel a bit adventurous, you can download a binary for Windows, Linux & MacOSX from 😉 If you need to see more screenshots, you can see them at 🙂