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So what if Google doesn’t have its own company jet & instead leases one from CEO Eric Schmidt at a bargain of $7000 an hour?? So what if the search boys Sergey Brin and Larry Page(read Google co-founders) have purchased a Boeing 767 for their personal use? (via SiliconBeat) Does that mean that Google will now try to give the public airlines a complex like they gave to search/email majors Yahoo! & MSN/Hotmail? That would sound a bit ridiculous!! A lot of the Silicon Valley hot-shots have personal & company jets, but they aren’t into the business of jetting people from one place to another.

But some people like to think that Google will try its hand in the commercial airline industry, as in their opinion a jet as big as Boeing 767 can’t be for personal use, well that may as well be right, what happened to GulfStream!! 😉

These people might soon amuse us with taglines like these:

Search a Flight, Fly with Google

Search for your seats & candy with Google, the King of all Searches!!

Lost your ticket? Search with Google!!

We search & we fly, that’s us, Google!! We also do eMail if you’re interested!!

AirSense, the new way to buy tickets!! Bid for a ticket & the highest bid wins, economy class tickets starting at $2/10 miles!!

As far as I know, I guess Sergey & Larry’s jet won’t have 300 seats as in the passenger version, instead it’ll probably have bedroom(s), conference room(s), maybe an auditorium & what else!! The possibilities with an airplane as big as Boeing 767 are quite a lot, it can be fully loaded!! 😉

And afterall, its not very often that you hear that a company or person has bought a Boeing 767 as a company or private jet!!! 😉