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Whoever said that there’s no such thing as free lunch should re-consider that statement!! 😀

Sun Microsystems is now offering Solaris 10, their popular UNIX OS, touted as the best ever, for FREE!! Yes, you can either get the DVD images(there are 5 parts of 400+ MB each which will need to be concatenated upon download into 1 ISO file, instructions are given) or the 5 CD images from here!! Well, I don’t know for how long have they been providing it for free but I discovered that just a few minutes ago & am already downloading my DVD images!! You’ll have to be a registered member to download(registration is free), so if you don’t have an account, create one or use!! 😉

Now I can see what Solaris is all about, have heard so much about it but never really tried it, now I will!! 😉

But before downloading, be sure to read the System Requirements, as Solaris won’t run on a lower spec machine!!