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After GMail, will the next thing in be GooglePay?? 😕

Looks like it as the search titan Google is considering to launch its own online payment system like eBay’s Paypal, sometime later this year, reports Yahoo! News.

This may provide a stiff competition to eBay whose 23% revenue($233.1 million) in the first quarter this year was generated from Paypal. The news story reported that if Google goes through this, then it’ll be less dependent on advertising which generated most of its $1.26 billion revenue in the first quarter this year. And growth in competition is always a good news for end-users, as it means they get more for less. So hopefully Google will continue to remain the good guys, charge the current or less transaction fees & provide better service. This might also mean that Paypal will be forced to provide more for less!! 😀

Google ahoy!!!! 😉