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Happy Holi to everyone!! I do hope you’ve had a SPLASH!! Its a festival of friendship, of washing away woes, sullenness & enmity with a cold splash of coloured water and making your enemies your friends. 😀

Last night, I attended the Holi Milan Party at my Mausi’s place & here are some pics that I shot from my mobile.

Why Wait for anyone?

Let the Dance Begin!!

Dance, Dance, Dance Away Baby!!

Oh!! Thirsty for More?

HOT!! Yeeees!! Hot Gulab Jamun!!

My Mausi & Mausaji

This last pic shows my Mausi(my mom’s sister, in blue saree) & Mausaji(mom’s sister’s husband, in white kurta, alongside my Mausi), the organisers of this Holi Milan Party!!

It was real fun with the DJ blasting away some rocking numbers & the food was great, but I liked the Aloo Tikki & Gulab Jamun the most!! 😀 😉