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ICANN board will meet this weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, to decide on the proposal to allow single letter domain registrations, reports Yahoo! news.

Now this can turn out to be hottest real estate in the cyberspace, since everyone would love to get hold of a single letter .COM or .NET or .ORG!! Heck, I’d be content with a single letter domain in any TLD, be it .INFO or .BIZ or .IN, anything!! 😉 So another point of discussion would be the procedure of allowing registrations for these domains, since at present domains can be registered for anything like $5/year to $100/year or above(depending on the TLD & Registrar) on a first-come-first-served basis. But like every system, this system also has its flaws as almost all of domain grabbers & squatters have automated scripts/programs that check for a domain’s availability and registers it when its available!! But these single letter domains probably won’t be available in that way!! 😕 Its quite possible that they’ll be auctioned & the price of each can fetch a six-figure sum or above a million dollars as well depending on who is bidding, like Yahoo! would love to grab Y.COM & I don’t think Google would lag behind to lay its hands on G.COM either!! 😉

Companies have also been pushing for the release of restriction on registering 2 letter domains which haven’t been available for registration probably to avoid conflict with two-letter country code TLDs like .US or .IN etc. But that’s all crap, don’t we have the domain or etc.?

Well, for average geeks like me, its both good and bad!! Good in the sense that these domains are still available for registration & bad in the sense that they’ll most probably be out of reach of people like me who don’t have six-figure sums to shell out for a domain!! 🙂 Still, it’ll be interesting to see who wins in this cyber-land-grab!! 😀