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A couple has sued Microsoft in a Texas, USA court claiming that a faulty power cord in their Xbox, which they bought in May 2003, caused an electrical fire in their house on 24th January 2005, consumed their residence causing susbstantial damage to their property & made their house un-usable!! 😕

The news story at the INQUIRER further elaborates that the couple claimed

the pyrotechnic propensity of the product rendered it defective, unreasonably dangerous, and in breach of Microsoft’s express and implied warranties of fitness and merchantability

The couple, Bryan and Kimberly Weatherford, all that the law can give them, including destruction of their house, moving expenses, interim rent, compensation towards mental anguish, pre & post judgement interest, costs, lawyer’s fees, treble & exemplary damages.

Now that’s quite a suite I’ve not heard of before!! A house burnt down by a gaming console and the victims suing the manufacturer!! Well, those of you who might be aware, Microsoft recalled about 14 million power cords in February 2005 as they were deemed faulty!! Guess Microsoft just got a few days late in recalling them, had they recalled them 3 weeks earlier, they would’ve been saved yet another law suit & the poor couple wouldn’t have lost their house to their gaming passion!!