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Ever wondered what you’ll see inside a Mac-Mini? What kind of gadget wizardry is in there?? Apparently you might be in for some surprises or a nasty shock or two!!

Analysts at a research firm iSuppli too apart the Mac Mini & estimated the cost of the components present in the $499 Mac Mini to be about $275, which rises to about $284 by adding the cost of manufacturing, reports c|net!! 😕 But that’s not something which is surprising, as products sold by any company are almost always cheaper than the price they are sold, otherwise how will the company earn a profit on their sale??

But what iSuppli found further, is somewhat not good for those hardcore Apple fans who are sort of proud of their machines that they look upon us PC users as someone would look down on an insect!!

To reduce the costs of manufacturing, Apple adopted components from the PC world, the optical drive that comes in the Mac Mini is that of a laptop(not an iBook or PowerBook ofcourse) & the chip is also 1 piece of silicon instead of 2 pieces. A number of connectors in the Mac Mini are from Taiwan based Foxconn Electronics which has its factories in China(its called outsourcing), which makes it pretty much possible that Foxconn is making Mac Mini’s for Apple.

Now, what does this mean in all? Apple doesn’t have an operating system of their own nor do they make any of their Macs etc. So Apple is just another of those companies that buy products in bulk from others, stamp their name on them and then retail them in the market!! Cool!! 🙄

I guess I wonder now why people said that Apple was better than Microsoft. Ofcourse its better, don’t you see?? 🙄 They take a freely available operating system(FreeBSD), slaps some eye-candy on it and viola….. you have OS-X!! 🙄 Then they get some company in a 3rd world country to manufacture their hardware using PC components & technologies and then claim that their OS is better than the best & their hardware is better than the rest!! How daring!! Ofcourse their OS is good as its based on one of the most secure operating systems available and ofcourse their Macs are good as they use cheaper hardware & PC components & technology!! 🙄

People accuse Microsoft of being monopolistic, I wonder why no one ever paid attention to the fact that Apple’s OS runs on their hardware only, something which Microsoft doesn’t force its users into, thankfully!! Nor did anyone made a hue & cry when Adobe announced its buying out its most significant & biggest competitor Macromedia which has been giving Adobe a hardtime!! 🙄

Just shows that there will always be whiners who like nothing to whine about one thing or another, no matter what!!