Invisible Billion Dollar Economy???

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  2. Why would somebody like him say that ? I can’t guess !!

    well, I can do better than guess & I know why he writes that kinda stuff(its not the first time). He simply doesn’t have anything else to write except showing his idiocy & ignorance in such a grand way!! I think that he might be pleased with his TOI job as he gets a wider(& more stupid) audience than what CHIP offered!!

    He wrote some idiotic comments about Microsoft & its business practices in his editorial last year in June or July CHIP & I wrote a lengthy email to him. Apparently he confessed in the reply that he targetted Microsoft only because its the bigger fish in the pond, there are also others with those business practices that he didn’t mention!! 🙄 And my email was published ofcourse in the next issue, in a summarised form!!

  3. Hey Amit, so much malice in your words make me wonder. The rentacoder story — truth, half-truth, or imagination does not take away Charles’ abilities as an editor for IC CHIP or otherwise. The tech magazine has lost a good talent — the magazine is a pale shadow of what it used to be.

  4. I’m not questioning Charles’ ability as an Editor, but as a reporter as to what he writes!! He might’ve been good at managing the magazine or editing, but surely he isn’t good at writing stuff, that I’ve come to conclude.

    When you’re a part of the press & you write something that’s read by hundreds of thousands, you don’t write mindlessly without doing your homework!! There’s a responsibility on you towards your readers which should make you write truth, not mindless rants just to create a sensation. That’s expected from those third class Page-3 reporters, not from someone like Charles.

    Given the content & the impact of the article, I think that the words I used are justified, they reflect what I felt after reading that article!!

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