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A news article by Charles Assisi on Times Of India makes me wonder seriously, has the ex-editor of CHIP-India gone senile early?? Did he really resign from his editor’s job at CHIP-India or was he kicked out because he’s lost his marbles??

As per him, there are about 100,000 freelance Indian programmers taking jobs from websites like where they are raking in thousands of dollars. As he put it

On the lower side, a small tweak here and a line of code there can fetch $45. Larger projects can rake in as much as $3000.

Really?? What the f**k?? Does he even know the dick he’s talking?? $45 for a small tweak & a line of code?? Hey Charles, do me a favour, send these jobs over to me, I’ll split the $$ with you on a 50:50 ratio & if you are able to send atleast 20-30 jobs/day regularly, I’d even quit my regular job & work on this only, it’ll pay me more than triple of what my current job pays!!! And if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then why don’t you learn some programming yourself & get these jobs?? It’ll sure be way too much more than what your current job pays!!! And learning some programming won’t be tough for you as you are a tech-reporter, and getting clients won’t be tough for you especially as you know how to bitch quite well!!

He states out an example of someone called Vikas Sethi who’s apparently booked for projects till mid-2008 & he works on the rate of about $15-$45/hour, and works for about 17-18 hours a day.

Here’s how he reasoned the “billion-dollar economy” in the print edition of the newspaper:

Approx. number of Indian freelancers = 100000
Avg. amount charged by freelancers = $5/hour
Approx. daily income(working for 7 hours) = $35
Approx. yearly income(working for 300 days) = $10500
Approx. earning/year of 100000 Indian freelancers = $1.05 billion

That’s simply outrageous!! Has that idiot ever visited Does he know that even freelancers in the US don’t get $3000 projects regularly, rarely should I say, considering the avg. common freelancers!! $3000 projects on Rentacoder snapped up by Indian freelancers, sure, its an oil field & we are all richer than Bill Gates!!! 🙄