iPod Nano!!

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  1. i really want one of these

    i like the black the best im just worried that it would snap in my pocket if i leaned to far forward to tie my shoelace or something

    but thats just me being paranoid

    i cant see people wanting the ipod mini or shuffle now

    no wonder there so eager to give them away with walkers crisps?

  2. Well, firstly, you are being paranoid, it surely won’t snap, its not thin plastic, its in steel encasing if I’m not wrong.

    Secondly, iPod Mini won’t be available now, you can check Apple store, they don’t seem to sell iPod Mini now & iPod Shuffle has its own place among the more economy class who are satisfied with 512MB(abt 100-150 MP3 songs) or a 1GB iPod.

    Thirdly, which iPod Nano you want? I think that a 4GB one at $249 is quite expensive when you consider 20GB iPod at $299. But then if you use iPod a lot when you are moving or jogging etc., then yes, iPod Nano or Shuffle is for you!! 😉

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