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How cool would it be if you can transfer the songs you purchased from iTunes store to your mobile phone to carry & listen to them at your leisure?? No longer you need to have an iPod to take your music with you that you purchased from the iTunes online store!! Now you’ll be able to take the music with you on your mobile phone as the Motorola gets the approval for an iTunes phone from Federal Communications Commission, reports c|net!! 😉

The upcoming E790 mobile phone from Motorola will have the mobile version of the iTunes along with stereo speakers, removable flash memory & Bluetooth.

So now you’ll be able to transfer those songs you purchased from iTunes music-store to your mobile to carry them anywhere, looks like a great relief from those who don’t own an iPod yet, like me!! Eh!!! 😉 Well, though I’d still like to get an iPod Photo, I don’t have any desperate desire for it, the iPod is quite expensive here, with the iPod Mini 4GB retailing at about Rs.11000(US$255 approx), so one can imagine the cost of iPod Photo 30GB!! 😯 Don’t wanna spend more than a month’s salary on it, do I? Besides, I don’t buy music online and don’t go out much nor am away from my PC, so I needn’t to carry my music!! 😀

Still, iTunes on a mobile, cool, eh!! Soon we’ll have the Walkman Phone as well if Sony hurries it up!! 😉