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Phew, its been quite busy last week, with me running around here & there doing errands like personally inviting everyone in the family(both mom & dad’s sides), that meant riding 250+ Km in 3 days after work(in a total of not less than 10 hours that included chatting a bit & having refreshments at every place). So by Sunday, my back was aching quite bad & my body was quite rigid, so I didn’t find time to post about earlier.

In case you are wondering what was that all about, well, we had a Jagran last Saturday(August 13, 2005). It was a longtime wish of mom(I’ve been hearing of it atleast for the past decade) to have a jagran & I’m glad that I’ve fulfilled it for her finally!! 😉

I’m not a believer in the religion or any gods, even though I was born a Hindu and even though almost all of the current family members on both sides are strong devotees to the gods, but still, anything to keep mom happy!! 😀 I believe only in hardwork & believe in myself, because according to me, if you believe in these two things, then you don’t need to believe in any religion or god because as per what I’ve read in the holy books(& I’ve read many), one way or another, it does come to these two things in the end & gods want you to believe in these two things alone. In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjun that one should only do his karma & not worry about the result, as its him who’ll see to it that everyone gets results as per their karma.

Anyway, so though I don’t believe in religion & gods etc., the parents do & I don’t stop anyone from believing in anything, everyone should respect other’s beliefs. The jagran wasn’t grand, and as is common these days, the only people who sat all night were the family members, from both mom & dad’s side, since other than family members no-one else bothers to sit out the whole night!!

I took some photos from my mobile’s camera, though it occured quite late to me that I’ve a mobile phone with a camera(you see, I don’t use it much, so I don’t remember its there). There was another camera as well which I handed over to my auntie to snap photos but the prints didn’t come out quite good, so I’ll have to re-touch them after scanning(when & if I do). So for the time being, you can make do with the fuzzy photos that my mobile managed to snap!! 😉

Start of Jagran

This I snapped sometime after the start of the Jagran, with the lead singing the prayers.

Radha Krishna enacted

In this one, a boy & a girl are enacting Lord Krishna & his lover Radha.

Final Offerings - antim ardaas

Mom & Dad doing Final Offerings(antim ardaas) to the Mother Goddess. If you want to see more of the photos, you can see all 35 in the album at Flickr.

It was so tiring, I doubt I’ll be having another one again, since its quite hard to manage all stuff if you are alone and don’t get a helping hand(mom was ofcourse quite busy with her stuff that only she could do & dad, well, you gotta know him to understand!!), though 2 aunties did lend a helping hand towards the end of the event, & thats quite appreciated, thanks aunties – you’re the best!! 😀