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Yes, come 2007 & those might be the words that come out of your mouth when you see an advertisement in a print magazine. As Margaret Kane posted on Blogma, the German electronics maker Siemens has come up with paper thin TV Screens that can be put in a newspaper or magazine!! 😕

So these screens can show moving pictures, the same way magic photos appear to be in Harry Potter stories!! 😉 A spokesman for Siemens said that these screens would likely start as ads in high-end magazines & further elaborated

The images are in color, and can broadcast anything that can be shown on a regular flat screen monitor or TV, although with a slightly lower quality. These could be short film clips or flash animations like those found on the Internet.

But this is not going to be anywhere cheap to start with!! A square meter of the material will cost about $52 and would probably be available in 2007. 😉