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There are many reasons why I hate Apple and more reasons for why they suck bigtime!! And here’s one, the “Made for iPod” program by Apple, under which, every accessory maker whose devices connects electrically to iPod will have to pay a royalty to Apple, c|net reports.

So why does Apple suck? They can’t see other people making money, especially if its based on their device!! Now this is like Microsoft started charging a royalty on every software made to run on Windows, imagine how big an outrage it’ll be!! 🙄 Sure they have the “WindowsXP Logo” program which allows you to display a “Made for WindowsXP” logo on your product but its not compulsory & you are not forced to take part in it. So why Apple is forcing it? To make a quick buck, ofcourse, wash hands in the running water you know!! Speculation say that the bounty is as high as 10% of the wholesale price of each item. Now this will only mean increase in the prices for iPod accessories, as if they weren’t already expensive!! 🙄

So Apple thinks they deserve the right to have a cut in the profit others make from their success, no? Right, so lets ask them how much have they given to the FreeBSD community whose operating system they’ve taken for FREE & make $$$$$ off it!! I doubt they’ve given even a dime back!! 🙄 They say that the benefit for the device makers will be that Apple will ensure that the devices work with the iPods, present & future!! Big deal?? iPod sales will drop quite a bit if the accessories available stop working with them, people will get fed up eventually, they won’t buy a new iPod if that means they have to buy new accessories as well. Apple knows that so its just an empty threat!!

Well, I don’t wonder why Apple is such a money sucker, they don’t have a future, they struck it rich with iPod but that’s not gonna last forever & then the company’s fate is quite un-certain!! So they try to suck in as much as they can while the tide is high!! 😉