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What’s got into Microsoft of late? The latest is that it’ll be offering 20 of its technologies that never saw the light outside its R & D department. What’s this about sharing technology & benefiting others?

Senior director of Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Ventures David Harnett was quoted as saying

If we pull this off, if we’re able to collaborate effectively … we can create new companies and new jobs


Did I read that right David? 😉

So what’s in it for Microsoft? Huge revenues from licensing these technologies, ofcourse!! 👿 As the technologies it’ll be sharing will include “Face Detection & Tracking” & “Natural Language Processing”. Research & Development does cost, & they cost quite a lot, which startup companies can’t afford, ofcourse!! But they can license these technologies & that benefits Microsoft as well. So? Will Microsoft start doing research & development for other companies now? 😉