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Umm? What did you say?? Microsoft Expression?? Now what’s that?? A version of Regular Expression from Microsoft?? No, its a new family of professional tools for Web & Windows Vista(does that mean that other tools are un-professional??)!! 😕 (via

Ok, so you might ask, who are the family members!! Yeah, so presenting:

  • Acrylic Graphic Designer: A painting & illustration tool, some of you might be familiar with it if you’ve heard the recent buzz about the bitmap & vector graphics tool from Microsoft or downloaded & tried a beta of it.

    It boasts of having dynamic visual effects & a hybrid graphic environment which lets you switch between vector & bitmap elements.

  • Sparkle Interactive Designer: Its a user interface(UI) design tool that can be used to create engaging & 3D interfaces for your Windows applications using the Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Quartz Web Designer: This is a web-design tool(another FrontPage??) which, according to Microsoft, will let you unleash your creativity with sophisticated CSS design features etc.

Though it sounds cool but Microsoft has a great skill at making even worse things sound cool, so we’ll just see how good this stuff is. I haven’t tried the Acrylic yet, maybe I’ll try it later, maybe I won’t!! 😉 But the “Sparkle Interactive Designer” does sound cool, if it really is what it says, then I think that making cool interfaces for Windows applications won’t be a headache anymore!!! 😀