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Yes, Microsoft is biased, big time & Hotmail sucks!! I know because I use it, have been doing to since when, I don’t remember!!

And here’s why I say that Microsoft is biased & why Hotmail Sucks!!

What’s new For Free Hotmail? MSN Hotmail Inbox Storage is now 250 MB and there is an increased attachment size of 10 MB!

This statement is at the top on the Hotmail homepage.

Now if we take a look at what’s stated below, things will be more clearer.

*250MB inbox available only in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Eligible Hotmail users will first receive 25MB at sign-up. Please allow at least 30 days for activation of your 250MB storage to verify your e-mail account and help prevent abuse. Microsoft Corporation reserves the right to provide 250MB inbox to free Hotmail accounts at its discretion.


That is really nice of them. The users only from US will get 250MB of free storage & that too only after they are verified!! 🙄

What does Microsoft think? That they are doing some favour? Do they think that anyone cares? I can get a free 250MB account at Yahoo! anytime I want, without being verified!! 😀 And GMail now comes with a 2000MB of free storage!! 😉

When will they understand, you’ve gotta be competitive, not arrogant!! 🙄