Microsoft is really biased & Hotmail sucks!!

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  1. Why don’t you get an account on GMail? The storage is at this moment way above 2GB… No questions asked…

  2. 0,o gmail is actually starting to scare me… I’ve been reading alot of stuff lately… heh… I’m starting to reconsider even using it!

  3. I had 2 hotmail accounts and now I can’t get into either one. I get into endless rounds of verifying my password and my contact information and special question are no help either. The only way to even notify hotmail is to e-mail them, which you can’t do without an account. If I am to create an all new account with another server even to access my accounts, why bother with hotmail anyway?

  4. yeah & why bother posting here as well? ok, I know their password recovery system is not that great, but then, you should avoid getting in that situation by not loosing your passwords!! You should try a password manager like KeePass Password Safe!! 😉

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