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As per this report on c|net, citizens of California, USA are all set to claim their piece of the US$1.1 billion pie that Microsoft lost to California in a case filed by the latter claiming that Microsoft over-charged for Windows & its other softwares. Now this is one huge payout, & if you are a citizen of California & bought a Microsoft product between 1996 & 2001, you can file your claim.
You will be paid in the shape of vouchers ranging from $5 to $29 depending on the number of licenses of Microsoft products you purchased. The last date for filing claims is Jan 8, 2005. If the total amount claimed is less than the US$1.1 billion, then Microsoft will have to pay two-thirds of the remaining amount as technology donations to needy schools & they can keep the remaining one-third. How generous of the judge. 😀
But it doesn’t look like Microsoft will be able to save even a cent from this bounty. So far around 6,20,000 individuals & companies have filed for claim ranging from $50 to several million $$. 😯

Where the world is going?….. 😕