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Sony-Ericsson, the mobile maker, has launched 4 new mobile phone models, two of which introduce auto-focus cameras & one that’s got Walkman branded music player, reports Reuters. WOW!! 😀

Mobile handset market is seeing some of the toughest competition that I’ve seen in any market with all makers trying hard to woo customers. They are packing a tiny device like a phone with so many features that its no longer meant for only sending & receiving calls and messages. It can snap photographs, play recorded songs, play radio, send MMS/Picture Messages, record audios-videos, let you play games, checks your email, browse internet, keep your schedule diary/to-do list/appointments, and just every other damn thing. What the heck!! 😀

I just wonder what prompted me to get a Nokia 7250i when my Nokia 3315 was working alright!! 😕 Maybe the polyphonic ringtones, increased storage, java games & the camera? 😀