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Ahoy!! Good Morning to everyone!!
On this new day, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve successfully upgraded to WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” with this new stunning layout.

I’ve been playing around with WP 1.5 & this theme since Monday, tweaking & customising & sliming it up. 😀 The result is before your eyes!! 😀

If you like it, then I’d like to hear about it & if you don’t like it, then also I’d like to hear about it.
If you’d be so kind, please leave a comment here or you can always Contact Me to let me know of your comments.

By the way, I’m using the excellent Manji2 theme. You can get it for FREE if you want it. The Kubrick theme that came as the default theme for WP 1.5 didn’t appeal much to me. Not that its not a good theme but I wanted something different & Manji2 looked good. Its all a matter of preferences, each to his own. 😀