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MovableType 3.2 is now out in open to wreak havoc, well for the time being, its wreaking havoc on the paying customers, says TurboBlogger!! 😀

It seems that the guys at Lockergnome tried to upgrade their multi-user blog but after the upgrade, none of the authors, including the super-boss Chris Pirillo, were able to login. So they’ve reverted to the earlier MT version they were using for the time being, till the sweet guys at SixApart take apart this little “all in a day’s work” snag out!! Pretty sloppy for a company that charges an arm & leg for a blog software & claims it to be the best, that they didn’t test out the upgrade process!! 😉 Jay Allen who announced the MT release, listed “Better Installation and Upgrade” as one of the new features, well ofcourse they didn’t have Lockergnome ruining their party!! Well Jay, you guys gotta concentrate more on making your product atleast easy to install & upgrade for old bats, before thinking about anything else like loosening up bottle corks for the company President!! 😀

But it seems that SixApart has changed something with the licensing model of their flagship product(not again??). Now the restrictions on all licenses is on the number of authors allowed, the number of blogs allowed is unlimited!! So the FREE Personal Edition that they are giving, allows unlimited blogs but only one author!! Desperate to stop the market flow towards the rising star, I wouldn’t wager on MT now that people are seeing the light. 😉