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Yes, its not a tale this time. 😀

This time I’ll give you a sneak preview of what’s waiting under the covers, while I wrap up the documentation.

I’m ofcourse talking about the iG:Syntax Hiliter Plugin, for whose next version you’ve been waiting eagerly(atleast thats what sounded like in your emails). 😀

So, what’s special in the sneak preview?? 😕 A feature long long overdue, the Plain Text version of the hilited code, YESSSSSS!!!! 😀 As you can see, you can now click the link to get the Plain Text version of the code in a code box. But there are some problems with this which I’m hoping to resolve by the release date(its classified). The problems are:-

  • its dependent on JavaScript, so you gotta have it enabled. I can’t help it, it’ll remain this way for now(maybe for a long long time)
  • it doesn’t work in FireFox(now don’t grab my throat, I’m working on it) but works well in IE & Opera(tested in IE6 & Opera8)
  • if you click on the link again(for same or another code-box) without closing the existing Plain-Text window, the Plain-Text window will be gone & you won’t get anything new(you gotta close this Plain-Text window after you are done with it)

And if you don’t get any tasty fragrance in that sneak preview, then wait for a day or so when I come out all guns blazing, blasting off the competition to smithereens. 😉 I do appreciate the competition but while some are less boastful about their work & knowingly/un-knowingly indulge in clean & tidy competition, others think that they’ve won a battle with a quick & dirty hack that may serve them well but is no good for others!! I mean c’mon, I’m not picking on it but that guy very smartly says that he contacted me about the license conflict issues & since he didn’t get the reply, he proceeded with his own plugin else he might’ve contributed to iG:Syntax Hiliter!! Sure, he did comment about license conflict, but that’s all, nothing he mentioned indicated that he had any issues with the plugin or he wanted to contribute, & I did reply to him(quite late I admit).

So why am I fuming? No, I’m darn not fuming, but you gotta admire the boastfulness of these kinda guys!! They take over ideas from other people’s work & then go on about pointing out 1000 dis-advantages of that work & then dish-out a poor copy of that work that breaks from every point you look at it, feeling & impressing on others all the while as if its a work very well done!! 🙄

“hardcoded languages”, “750 needless lines of code” are just some of the text that you’ll read on that boastful declaration, but I agree with one thing, SyntHiHol is nothing but a bridge between Geshi & WordPress, nothing more!! Why? Because it does nothing on its own, it simply takes your text, hilites it using GeSHi & passes it back on!! Big deal?? Yes, afterall, you

  1. can’t turn off Line Numbers
  2. can’t colour Line Numbers
  3. can have stylised quotes etc. which renders your code useless for copy-paste operations & will leave fuming readers/users who’ll have to correct each & every quote
  4. can have the plugin applied only to the full post content, simply because I didn’t have the plugin applied to the excerpts or comments, so no way to copy that
  5. can have CSS classes enabled for hiliting but can’t have CSS to go with that, again because I didn’t have that as well, so if you do turn it on, you’ll not get even a single character hilited


Then such talks about going through WordPress & GeSHi API!!! 🙄 That’s just too great(I mean was there any reason to go through them if this is the output??)!! And I haven’t even started, so better leave it, those who prefer quality, they know what they want, & I know about that!! Copycats will always be there, that’s just a proof of your success, afterall, someone is copied only if he/it has something about him/it. 😉

So see ya guys in a short while(I promise) with the all new way to colourise your code in WordPress. 😉