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So?? Do you like MS-Paint that comes bundled with Windows? Now most of you will say that MS-Paint just sucks & you don’t like it at all. Why? Obviously you’ve tasted what Photoshop or Fireworks or Corel Photopaint or PaintShop Pro or Illustrator or Freehand or Corel Draw or Gimp cooks for you. 😀

Ok, I concede that these are far far superior tools than MS-Paint, but then can anyone bost of the fact that any of these tools is faster than MS-Paint? I doubt it, because having worked on all these(except Gimp), I know they are all slow. 🙁 Sure they have features but they are slow!! That’s a trade-off that you’ve to make. Still, if you take a quick screenshot, what do you do? Open Photoshop or some other godzilla size application to paste the screenshot & save it? No I wouldn’t do that & you’ll certainly be the dumbest person around if you do that!! 😉

Ok, lets cut the bullshit & get straight to the point. If you’ve not heard about it, then read it now, Paint.NET, a Paint application with a difference!! 😉 No, its not the new version of MS-Paint. The official website says

Paint.NET originated as a Computer Science senior design project during the Spring 2004 semester at Washington State University.

So, some people who’ve tried it say that its light & its fast(the download is just under 5MB if you notice). Its not as advanced as those other heavyweights but still it packs a punch. Its light, its fast, its got quite a number of essentials that an image editing package needs & its extendable if you know C#. Yes its written in C# & has a Plugin API for extending it. Also its an open-source project licensed under MIT License & the source code is available in C#.

So? Paint the town .NET baby!!! 😀 😉