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Yeah, I visited my friend in Gurgaon again(previous photos here), on November 15th 2005. But we(me, Madan, Arvind and a friend of Madan’s) got around for a walk to one of the malls a bit late in the evening as Madan was stuck with some problems in their software, so it was around 10pm when we reached Sahara Mall, almost all of the stores were closed for the day & the shoppers were all gone pretty much. But there were some still open & we had a quick dinner at Haldiram’s.

Haldiram's at Sahara Mall, Gurgaon

I like the photo above best of the lot, probably because of the way it has slightly blurred edges!! Mind you, its because of the slight fog, as it was quite chilly that night and I was shivering in my T-Shirt as I’d left my jacket back at Madan’s place, though I was glad that the tees were full-sleeves or I’d have been in a real fix!! :dizzy: After some strolling around in the Sahara Mall, we decided to take a quick walk to the Metropolitan for a hot chocolate at Barista(since none of the guys knew a Barista around except there). Arvind was complaining but well, we dragged him there on the condition that he can light a ciggarette while walking!! 😀 So after a quick & refreshing hot chocolate at Barista, we came back to Madan’s place where I gratefully donned my jacket on and started on road for a 32km ride back home which I made in a (personal)record time of 40 minutes!! 😉

I didn’t get around to posting the pics(there were only 5 of them) back then as I myself got a bit busy, but what the heck, these aren’t stale yet!! 😉