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Yeah, I made a trip to Gurgaon this evening with my friend Sharafat to meet two other pals, Madan & Arvind(Madan’s friend) at their office/residence(they have a company provided residence in the same bunglow). The plan was to just screw around some malls & then eat out & have fun, sort of a party(Madan owed one to me).

It was the first time I used my new Kodak LS753 in the public & I took some snaps, not many, but they were ok!! Haven’t got used to it yet, setting different modes for closeups or distant photos, I crave for my old film camera that was an auto-focus point-n-shoot type with no settings to mess with!! Ofcourse you can see the photos, they are not bad!! 😉

The Pics from Gurgaon -- Click for album

Yeah, that’s me on the left in the whites licking on my delicious McSwirl Cone!! 😀 So what did we do? Nothing, just strolled about on the three floors of The Metropolitan mall, did some window shopping, saw some pretty faces & gorgeous babes, little kids tottering around, as there was quite a rush due to the Deepawali on November 1st 2005, as people hurried to complete their shopping for stuff & gifts etc. Luckily I did all my shopping 2-3 days back for all it was to be done, with a new Kurta-Pyjama(with cool embroidery) that I’ll wear on the Laxmi Pooja. 😉 And then we ogled at the Sony Ericsson W800i, & then proceeded to McDonald’s where I had Chicken & Tomato McCurry Pan & it was pretty cool!! 😉 Then we had a coffee each in Barista which made us feel better since the weather & air was a bit chilly!! 😀 Then we strolled back to Madan’s office/residence where I’d parked my bike & me & Sharafat had a paan each on our way back while Arvind was smoking cigarettes like a steam engine!! And then after collecting my bag from Madan’s place, me & Sharafat started our 32km journey back & I just got back 90 minutes ago!! 😉

In all, I’d say that it was a good short trip to freshen up the mind. 😀 Now I’m looking forward to Deepawali!! 😉