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The Google AdSense team have put up a FAQ labelled “What can I do to ensure that my account won’t be disabled?” to tell publishers how to prevent their website from being banned!! 🙄 (via Web Dev Source)

Interestingly, the ways listed contain things like “don’t click on your ads” & “don’t encourage others to click on ads” etc.. Wow!! 🙄 I wonder why my account was disabled then, since I had sense enough to look at the website of the advertiser which interested me, in the browser status bar, & then visited the website directly, instead of clicking on ads appearing on my blog!! And my blog or website doesn’t have any pop-ups, not loaded in any pop-ups and I certainly didn’t encourage anyone to click on ads on my blog.

Come to think of it, I didn’t toe the line as far as what’s in that FAQ & yet my account was suspended!! 👿 Why? Well, I’ve a guess that maybe some idiot went on a clicking spree on some public PC in a cyber cafe where I checked in my AdSense account sometimes when I was not at home & since Google use IP & Cookie based tracking, well, the rest is quite understandable!!! 🙄 So when their tracking is flawed, how can they blame the publishers?? Well, the answer to that is quite simple, Google prefers to stick with Advertisers rather than the Publishers, after Advertisers pay them & why should they care about a few Publishers out of the hundreds of thousands that they have, the few Publishers they kick out(because of their own flawed technical implementation), well, it doesn’t affect Google anyway!! 👿

Anyways, it wasn’t a money spinner for me, Google AdSense, I barely had a buck or two in my account, given that I don’t promote my blog, all the traffic that I get, I’ve never promoted it in search engines etc. They just index it & some people know about my blog from word-of-mouth, & from links on other websites. Maybe I’ll take off the currently displayed ads as well, as they don’t earn much & slow down the page-loads.

So, you guys should read What can I do to ensure that my account won’t be disabled? & see if you are lucky to not be banned if someone’s out to get you!! 😉 🙄