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Is privacy a thing of past? How would you feel if your personal information like your address, your phone numbers(even unlisted/private phone numbers), even a photograph of your house is available to anyone in just a few clicks? I’d feel raped & I’m not exaggerating!!!!! Information like personal phone numbers & private eMails will definitely be abused if they no longer remain private & exclusive to a selected few to whom they were/are entrusted. 😕

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Or how it can happen? Well, just look at the new Search Engine on the block, ZabaSearch. It’ll open your Identity to All, says Wired. 😯 This search engine, which was launched sometime in February this year, lists out details like phone numbers, address, etc. & even a satellite photo of the address, a map to reach the place for any person you name. 😯 Good, I’d like personal mobile numbers of Salma Hayek & Diane Kruger & Jennifer Aniston. 😀

Really, the guys behind the search engine say that it just gathers information that’s freely available in public domain but I very much doubt it. This thing is possibly a bit more advanced than Yahoo! People Search. 😈

Currently this search engine can provide information only on people in USA. And this just is the beginning if I’m not wrong. In near future, information about every person alive/dead will be just a few clicks away, if some evil minds have their way. Now they’ll probably say that its about National Security & crime check etc., but you can bet your bottom dollar, its gonna be abused!! This just reminds me of a novel by Robert Ludlum, The Prometheus Deception, where the bad guys get an international treaty passed that allows them to have real-time satellite surveillance of any/every part of the planet they want & having it recorded & archived for later use. Now this may seem like a bit far fetched but who knows? Everything starts some where. A match stick is lit by a small spark & that same match stick can set a great fire going. Meaning small things leads to huge things. Maybe its not the right pun but its 3:15am & I feel sleepy, still, I think you might be getting my point!! 😕