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Yeah, it seems like Rediffmail is catching up on the buzz fast!! First it boosted its free email storage to 1GB when Google came out banging with 1000MB GMail service. Now its intent on improving its UI as well by adding a bit of the buzzword(AJAX) to it. 😉 Yes, as you can see from the screenshot below(click it for a larger image), Rediffmail is certainly trying to improve, to retain users!! 😀

Rediffmail trying to be Buzzword a.k.a. AJAX compliant?

Though its not that much & the pages still load up & refresh every time you do anything like open an email or delete it etc., still, its a bit of a relief if you wanna have a quick peek at the contents of the email right then & there!! But a closer look tells you that its not AJAX, its just using a javascript to load the email page in a dynamically placed IFrame!! Maybe perhaps I expected too much from Rediff. 😉

Still, that’s a start, lets see how they go on from here!! 😀