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Yes, the Ringtones are going political, as c|net reports!!

A washington based web-developer, Eric Gundersen, has made a ringtone which contains a part of Bush’s speech.

Protest ringtones, as they are called, is quite a new genre, which originally emerged in Philippines a few months ago when opponents of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo got access to a recording of a clandestine conversation between the head of state and a top election official.
The ringtone reportedly shot up on the charts so quickly, one of the websites offering it for download crashed under the load!! It didn’t do any visible harm to the Arroyo government but now seem to be inspiring the activists in USA.

Ringtones are quite a rage worldover, responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales per year & in some cases outsell the song on which they are based!! These ringtones can prove to be quite viral as well, as they’ll put ringtones above the category of teen-obsession. Obviously, if you hear some funny remark on Bush or something playing on someone’s mobile near you, you might think that the guy shares your thoughts about it, might just form the community like other music fan communities. 😉

Quite an idea I should say, should start looking for some funny audio-clips myself to make a ringtone or two(only if my phone supported voice ringtones!!) to get something different!! 😉