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Sony Corp. says its open to talk on the new DVD formats, an issue which is on the verge of Format WAR between major players in the field with Sony, TDK Corp. & Philips Electronics supporting Sony’s Blu-Ray format while Toshiba Corp. & its group look menacing with Toshiba’s HD-DVD Technology.

Both formats offer higher storage on a DVD than the current formats & its a known fact that whoever wins this battle will lead the $10 billion a year DVD market. And the crop of royalties will last for many years, ofcourse!! 😀 So there’s quite a lot at stake!! 😉

“From the point of view to provide the best service to the consumer one format is better than two. We’re open to discussions,” Yukinori Kawauchi of Sony’s Video Group was quoted saying in an interview, reports Reuters.

There’s still uncertainity about which format to support, as far as Hollywood is concerned but it seems that the Computer makers are joining Sony’s camp with Dell & HP already in & Apple taking the entry last month.

Frankly, this is just well, ….. not good. 👿 The companies need to vote for a single standard or the end-users will be most affected by this divide. :dizzy: