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“Die Spammer Die”, this is what you think(or something to the same effect) when you see your a load of that despicable SPAM every morning when you open your INBOX, no? But seriously, have you ever considered doing it really? Well, looks like someone did think about this seriously & he/she seems to have done it by killing Vardan Kushnir, Russia’s notorious spammer who bombed almost all of 17.6 million online Russians in the country, as well as other Russian speaking people in places as far as California, USA and Canada!! Kushnir was found dead in his Moscow apartment on the Monday(25th July 2005) morning, the reason for his death being his head smashed with a heavy object!!

And, something to be expected, not many are mourning him, though there’s shock!! Aparently there are not many who want to believe that he was murdered because of his infamous business activities aka SPAM. Spamming is almost legal in Russia, with no IT laws to put a check on it, the reason for the anguish of the online Russians as usually all of emails originating from russian domains(.RU) and thousands of the mail servers in Russia(including the ones of large ISPs) are list on major international blacklists which means that all emails originating on those servers are shown the way to trashcan & neither the recepients nor senders come to know of this fate of their email(s). Kushnir was once charged with unfair ad practices but he simply said that he don’t know who’s doing it in his name & he was let off, pathetic but true!! has reported his death & there’s something quite funny that the reporter wrote at the end of the news story, which I’ll quote here:

It’s little wonder, then, that Vardan Kushnir became as popular a character among Russian-speaking Internet users, as Lord Voldemort must be among Hogwarts’ fans. And a tale of some anonymous ‘Harry Potter’ paying him a private visit on a warm July morning produces quite a predictable sensation among the audience. Of course, everybody understands, that spam will not stop with Kushnir’s demise — it will persist for years to come, exactly the way Lord Voldemort finds his way back into the picture with every new installment of the Harry Potter saga. But this time, the magic wand has for once dealt a deadly blow to the arch-villain, and there seems to be no option left for the spectators, than to hail the magic.

Indeed, Hail Magic!! 😉