Spam Karma Rocks!!

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  1. So I have installed Spam Karma also. It seems really cool, though a bit confusing the first look. What tips and tricks do you have for me? What do I do with Simon’s Blacklist? Teach me these things Amit and I will be eternally greatful 😉

    Thanks for the links and recommendation 😀

  2. So I have installed Spam Karma also.

    why do you need it in the first place? 😉

    Ok, just kidding!! You can get an idea about Spam Karma settings at I do hope that you read the documentation that came with it. This page will tell you more about Spam Karma & its settings, however also mentioned along with each setting option is its use/meaning. I don’t have any tips-n-tricks on it for you, just keep your blacklist updated. Also, set the option to get a digest instead of every deleted comment & set the digest to send on every 10 messages. If you start getting these digests often then that means that you are getting a lot of spam so setting the digest limit to a higher number will be a bit better. I’ve set it to 50 on this blog & I get atleast 1 digest every day.

    Also, don’t use RBL, its checked by default in Spam Karma options but uncheck it & save the options, as using RBL will result in legitimate comments being deleted as well, because of IPs. I had a guy who was posting legit comments at the diGit Blog & they were being deleted by Spam Karma. Only when I disabled RBL checking, he was able to post any comments. If you keep your blacklist updated, then there’s no need for RBL.

    In the options page, you have a section about Blacklist Management. It has a default URL of Keep that URL saved in a text file or something so that you can use that as well later. However in that field, paste Simon’s Blacklist’s URL. He updates his blacklist regularly & manually approves every entry into it, so you can trust him. You can also update from my blacklist It is bigger than Simon’s as it has Simon’s Blacklist as well as my own blacklist of IPs & eMails & URLs etc. of people who were spamming me & also blacklists of some other reliable sources. I haven’t updated it in a while but its still good. Just paste the URL of the blacklist you want to use & save & then click the Update Blacklist button. Then same procedure for the next blacklist & so on. You can keep Simon’s blacklist saved in it at last & set the option to update the blacklist every 2-3 days, & be sure to visit this options page regularly otherwise it doesn’t update blacklist(I’m not sure about it but I think I’m right) by itself.

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