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Ok, life is like a roller-coaster ride. I was having fun these past few days & now I’m paying for it with a sprained right hand wrapped fully in bandage that I can’t use it right now, so I’m typing this using just my left hand!!

Now, I didn’t get only right hand injured, but had a few scratches & lost a chunk of skin from my right foot as well, the result of my bike colliding with a pig(the animal ofcourse) which suddenly came infront of me out of nowhere when I was speeding down to the Tata Indicom showroom just a few hours back to get my phone fixed. The pig first collided with a car on my left & then with my bike & ran away squealing, while I lost balance, fell on the road & skidded 2-3 meters before stopping!! 🙁 I was saved a lot by the leg guard on the bike which held off the bike’s weight(it weighs 150KG & imagine the increase in it with the impact of it falling down at speed) as it fell to the ground, keeping me safe from some serious injury to my left leg which only got a scratch above the knee cap. The leg guard of the left side ofcourse bent quite a bit & now I’ll have to get it straightened out(its solid steel).

But thank goodness that I had applied a bit of brakes before I collided with the pig & the leg guard was there to save me!! I shudder to think what might’ve had happened had I been speeding a bit more & had been in the middle of the road(I was on the right side with the road dividing barrier on my right) with vehicles around me!! 😕

Tomorrow is Id-ul-Fitr & my last of the 4 holidays this week, so I hope that my hand gets better by tomorrow evening or my boss will kill me!! 😉

Now I know how hampered a person gets when his/her most used hand gets out of order, right hand in my case!!