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There was quite a rush as people tried to knock others on their way to get their hands on one of the 1000 laptops put on sale for just $50 by the Henrico County school system, USA. The laptops on sale were 4 year old Apple iBooks which were being offered to the county residents for $50 a piece, reports Yahoo!.

But it turned out to be a violent stampede when the officials opened the gates at 7am. :dizzy: People waiting in line for hours, threw themselves over each other as they attempted to get past others in front of them. A woman was so desperate that she prefered to piss in her clothes rather than leave her place in the line. And one guy beat up others trying to get past him, with a folding chair he’d brought with him. 😯

Really, quite maddening, but then, I think you or I would’ve done the same given the fact that iBooks retail between $999 & $1299, so an iBook for $50 is really a steal even if its 4 years old!! 😀