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Yeah, how much you know about the first & second trilogies? You can test your StarWars knowledge by taking this Star Wars quiz at 😉 It’ll actually test you more on the first trilogy than on second!! 😀 So if you haven’t watched the first trilogy, better watch it now, the movies may not have the special effects that the ones in second trilogy had, but the story is still captivating while you can marvel the fact at how they managed to pull them off in the 70s & 80s(The Return of Jedi – 1983) without all the gizmos that they had when making the second trilogy!!

As for my score, well, I scored a bullseye of 10 on 10 & it said:

Move over Yoda! You’ve done your homework and have mastered our “Star Wars” quiz

😀 😉
Yoda is indeed the character that I liked most in the series, other characters seemed just a bit small than him, no pun intended!! 😉