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Looks like so, dad was shifted from ICU to his ward day before yesterday & looks better to me now, the docs are also pleased to see his improvement. 😉 He’s out of danger now, thanks to everyone who expressed their best wishes & my uncles who stood by my side!! 🙂 He’s not fully conscious yet, but replies a bit when someone talks to him, the docs say that we should talk to him as much as we can, that’ll help in recovery. One thing I’m glad about is that he’s not lost his memory(looks like so till now), no amnesia as was in the case of my mom’s dad when he got brain haemorrhage 3 years back. And the paralysis on his right-side doesn’t look as bad as it was earlier, he’s able to move his right arm & leg a bit. Still, it’ll be quite a bit of time before he’ll be back in satisfactory shape!!

And on another note, I’ve turned 22 today, so Happy Birthday to me!! 🙂