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I’ve been quite busy these past few weeks(read more than a month), full upto my neck, with not getting enough sleep, leave alone working on any side projects. 😐

This doesn’t however means that I’ve stopped the development of iG:Syntax Hiliter. But I haven’t had the time to work on it the way I wanted, first due to change in jobs(again, I’ll post about it sometime later), then getting upto my neck in some urgent projects that needed to be finished. I was kindly asked by Nigel sometime in February to test drive the new parser for GeSHi that he’s been conjuring but I’m ashamed to say that wasn’t able to try it out even for once!! 😳 The ZIP package that he sent me is still lying on my PC where it landed after I downloaded it!! 🙁 Sorry Nigel!!
Heck!! There are only 24 hours in a day!!!!! :curse:

Anyway, things have eased out a bit so much so that I can have normal 8 hour work days now. 😀 This means that I’ll be getting a bit of free time to work on side-projects!! 😉 But lets not set our hopes so high!! 😈

Development must be stopped for development’s sake!! Sounds familiar, right? To those to whom this sounds familiar, they know where I got it & to those who don’t know about it, just get the literal meaning of it.

Currently, I’m working on something that looks exciting to me & which is the seed of another something that’s quite bigger than this current something. 😀 That’s all I can tell at the moment as I don’t want to boast before I complete this & that something. 😀 But I’ll say as much that I haven’t found anything like this in PHP, there are alternatives but in other languages & are hard to deploy!! But this will be easy to setup & deploy just like WordPress or any other PHP application. 😉

Its somewhat uniqueness is what has put me in a dilemma, whether should I release it as Closed Source Freeware, Open Source Freeware or as a commercial application!! However it might be un-justified at the moment, but as per given information, any thoughts on this would be very much welcome.