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Yes, Tata Indicom is just a company full of cheats & fraudsters giving no service for your money.
I applied for a 64kbps unlimited connection(Infinity-64) at Rs.800/month to use it as a backup for my current internet connection. Their representative, a Mr.Vikram, showed up at my home early in the morning at 10am(early in the sense that I go to sleep at 5am) on May 9th, 2005 & had me fill their registration form(Form Number 1210692) & took a cheque of Rs.552(Rs.500+10.2% tax towards setup charges) & said that I’ll have a connection in 10-15 days!! Astounding as it was(as there’s no company that takes 15 days to get you connected, it usually with 3-4 days), I accepted it.

After 12 days, I got a call from their office that it’ll take another 10-15 days for me to get a connection as ports on their servers are full. Bullshit as it is, I still accepted!! Now after 1 month, I called that lowly son of a bitch Vikram to tell me whether they are gonna give me a connection or not. He said that they are experiencing problems & will have me connected in 1 week. Problems??!! Big deal?? Not my problem!! I told him that he has 3 days, either connect me or make a refund!! I called him up 4 days later & demanded a refund. He said that I should fax an application or I want, he can come & collect it from me. I said ok, come & collect from me. He promised to come in the evening. 1 week passed & I still hadn’t heard from him. I called him up in the morning today & asked whether his evening has come or not, he started bullshitting me by giving the cock-n-bull story of he not being in Delhi!! I asked when am I gonna get a refund & he said that he’s reaching office in 10 minutes & will have their manager call me!! Its past middday & apparently he hasn’t reached office yet!! Has he died on his way there, I sincerely hope so!!! :curse:

So the moral of this incident? Never get a connection from Tata Indicom, they suck!! All they want & do is to get your money & then they forget you, no refund & no service, your money is as good as gone!! Second moral is never pay an advance to get a service like this to these companies when they are not delivering within a week. Third moral is, pay by a Credit Card always. If I’d paid by a Credit Card, then I’d simply would’ve done a chargeback & be done with it, no problems at all.