Tata Indicom are Fraudsters!!

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  1. Tata indicome is completely unable to give the service to their roaming postpaid customers.Neither their Franchisee nor their outlet give the full information about the stuff related to their company. I got about whole the city to submit my postpaid bill but no one convinced me to sumbit my bill’s loccation here . My two number has been barred since last three week but there is not any facility to submit their bill.

  2. Hi,

    After reading the full blog, I can only feel sorry that I opted for Tata indicom prepaid. My experience is as bad as any of you, when after using the phone for 2 months it died.

    I brought it at the Tata true value (fraudsters) shop, and they told me, that I should take it to the Haier service station some 25 Kms away. I bowed to there insists and went there. They took my mobile away for repair asking me to come after 1 week. so long I am having to bear with no mobile. So after 1 week, like a donkey I go, and they give me a replacement certificate, and ask me to collect the new phone from tata true value (fraudsters) shop.

    Like a donkey I go to there showroom, sit there for 1 hr for my turn to come. and then the kid, smartly dressed in jeans and yellow t-shirt, bull shits me, that all such replacements happen at nodal office, Ultadanga. which is another 25 Km from there.

    After, requesting and feeling like a donkey, I again endure the long journey, to nodal office, and I meet, with Rikta Roy (033-65551181), and she informs me of the way a replacement is made. it goes like this…

    “Once you get the Replacement Certificate you have two ways, either, you can deposit the handset at the True Value (fradusters) shop, and after a week you can get a refund, or, you can ask for a replacement, and if they have the same handset available, then they will replace you after 1 week.”

    I asked, what if they do not have the handset in stock,
    she replied, ” Then after a week, you can get another headset, provided you are willing to pay the difference.”

    And she added ” We at nodal office, do not replace the thing, you go to the true value (fraudsters shop, and tell them this is the process.”

    amazed, I was at my wits end of controlling the bhadrolok (gentleman) dying to kill her. anyway, I came back to the true value (fraudsters) office, and told them the process, and they asked me to come next day and it will be solved.

    I went back happy, think at last tomorrow will be the day. The next day, my company sent me off to Coimbatore, and I came back 6 days later. yet I remembered the meeting and went ASAP. The lady kept me waiting. then finaly when my turnm came, she asked me to wait, as she was calling the godown people. wait wait wait all she said and 3 hrs passed. I started fuming, and she told me to come after 4 days, that is the time it will take for the headset to come from the godown. I got angry shouted at my lungs limit, and it fell on deaf years and the kids just made a dissapearing act.

    so, I went through another 2 of such torments and finally recieved the money of the headset after exactly 37 days.
    Now, I will never ever take an Indicom Connection.

    Also, I will tell, you, however, cheap the tataindicom may seem to you, stay away from it. They are fraudsters. They supply the worst handsets on earth.

    take care

  3. The worst ever service provuders. If at all there is a competetion for worst service TATAINDICOM BROADBAND will win the 1st prize by beating all others with 5 to 6 times of their combined votes.


  4. Sub: disconnect & take back instruments unable to conti, (STD BOOTH & instr.)

    My bangalore (STD BOOTH) old bangalore number 080 56689214, i dont know the changed number, we have taken on 2004, more than 6 months unable to continue and shut down the shop, please take back the instruments and return back the advance money. Please contact 080 25254690 for more info for the same



  5. Hello,

    I Have this Complaint number 2960332 .

    A small feedback about my experience Tata indicom .

    Personally I think they are a bunch of liars who have no professionalism.

    I have made the biggest mistake in my life taking their services for my Broadband connection .

    Here is the proof ( guys who already know that they are frauds can stop reading this mail here and can use this time to cheat a few more customers )

    –> I don’t have Internet since 12th of July,

    13th I call their fraud center 08066600121 and they give me this ticket number (2960332).

    13th evening I call and get a reply that It will take 10hrs to fix the issue else customer will get a call back regarding the status .

    Call on 14th : 10hrs are not over by evening I will get a reply.

    Call on 15th : Latest update on the complaint ” My issue is resolved and I am able to connect ”
    ( Just want to know in whose dreams was it resolved ). And by the way their 10 hrs are over and I still haven’t got ant call or update from their side .

    16th : Spoke to supervisor ( Hari ) : Promises by today evening at least i’ll know what the issue is

    17th : supervisor: Joshana ( 40 Mins of hold in transferring the call after me telling the agent that it is a prepaid mobile number and can he call the superviror fast, U can verify it ) : She tells me its a cable issue at my end and somebody will come and check it .

    18th : supervisor ( Krauna ) 30-35 mins of wait : Promises issue will be resolved by evening or atleast i’ll get a call from technical team regarding the status .

    19th : Nagesh ( The biggest cheat in their company ) calls me and tells me he will fix the issue in 2 days and I can directly contact him on this number 08066161705 .

    21st : tried calling 08066161705 whole day no response
    21st : called customer care again spoke to supervisor (sheshadri) : he asks for time till evening for any status update .

    23 rd : status on the ticket : ISSUE WAS FIXED and customer able to connect .( Somebody is again dreaming )

    24th : Supervisor not free and the issue is being forwarded to technical department .

    25th : NAGESH ( the biggest liar ) finally calls me and he says he has changed the Blade and my internet is working fine ( obvious it was a lie ) . he will call in 1 hr to check if its working .

    26th : customer care guys keeps me on hold for 45 mins and then hangs .

    27th : Supervisor says he understands and is very sorry but somebody will definitely call me and it is a cable problem .

    28th : The last call before I lost all hopes : Agent Mahinder says he cannot call supervisor cause they all are busy on insisting he says ” I WAS LYING AND MY INTERNET WAS WORKING TILL 24TH, HE CAN SEE IT ON HIS SYSTEM, I HAVE USED .014 MB FROM 13TH TO 24TH ” then senior Supervisor Mr Dilip says its not a cable issue and i have problems with website browsing so technical department was resolving the wrong issue and gives me a ticket number 3110458 .It will be resolved in 2 days.

    3oth : Nagesh calls up and says in 10 mins it will be resolved and he will call me or i can call on his number 08066161705 and he will surely pick my call .

    Tried calling whole day nobody bothered to pick ( note : as i have already said he is the biggest liar among all their guys ).

    Today is 1st and I know that my issue will never be resolved . and offcourse they will not refund me the money back also.

    congratulations for cheating me with 4500 rupees ( 4 months advance )

    They can take the money I just want to know what is the issue( can anybody name the technical problem i had from their whole technical team). I bet they can’t, prove me wrong

  6. I do agree with the feelings of the above guys, and the tataindicom call center executives give the replies like the brainless persons, and their supervisours behave like the owner of the company with all agressive and arrogant replies and finally managers and nodal-officers shows their innocense as if this type of situation happened for the first time. let us lit a candle to memorise their good personality, ‘cos litterally animals.

  7. the tata indicom company’s employees are bag of bullshit, no one knows any f**king shit there. its worthless to get a tata indicom connection.

  8. WHy the hell do you’ll go for the TATA Service….Learn a lesson & educate people..not to use TATA–BAN the B*****ds ?????



  10. hi now i am in bangalore..and i dont know about std offres in any of the network..i want to know the plans which will offer a lowest std call rates..

  11. I have purchased Tata Indicom Star Mobile instrument with 2 years incoming free scheme after seeing the advertisement in newspapers and big hoardings in the high roads. They said this and that comparing to other mobile companies. After purchasing the above only I understood that the call charges are very much high when comparing to other companies. This mobile we cannot change the sim card also. I have used this for 2 years. I have purchased the above instrument on 27.11.2005 and the period was expired on 26.11.2007. They said a grace period is there upto Feb. end. I recharged Rs. 100/-. Suddenly they have disconnected the line on 26.11.2007 and there is no incoming and outgoing though I have Rs. 71/- in my account. Also they have manufactured the Batteries with a life of 2 years only. If I talk to anybody for more than one minute the battery will die. They I have to recharge the battery. For every call, I have to charge the battery. That much of quality they are maintaining. Today 14.12.2007 I have returned the mobile instrument to their Chennai office.

    Defenetely they are cheating the people.

    I am advising my friends and relatives not to buy Tata Indicom mobiles and phones.

    Their services are very very poor.

    s. krishnamurthy, Chennai.

  12. Hi Dear All,

    I am Devender Kumar from New Delhi. TATA Indicom has cheated me. I don’t remember all complaint nos. but few of them are




    Phone no. allotted to me by Tata Indicom is 64656755 registration no DL00722589, which is without speaker phone at all because they supplied an old Refurbished Phones and wrong instrument, and before booking the phone the dealer can’t clear or told me regarding for instrument, but when the phone install the JE Mr. Satish told me this a speaker phone u can use both side incoming & outgoing voice.

    I applied for a New Tata Indicom connection on 02nd of Dec 2007 for which I paid Rs.1622 as cash. After paying the money I have got Refurbished Instrument, after lot of request and telephonic discussions the dealer and distributor told me within 24 hours we are change your instrument after 24 hours nothing happen no feedback and nothing do, than again i ring, after that they give again promises me within 48 hours definitely we are change your instrument, after 48 hours nothing happen same thing and same story, and when i call your Tata Indicom representative so they are talking me very rudely and hot talking, the dealer and distributor they are giving me lollipop’s every time like a child, since the when my phone install same day I will try to change and I will told my dealer, I don’t want this Tata Indicom walky but they are not agree and they will give me assurance regarding for replace your Instrument within 24 hours, and they will not withdraw my telephone and they making me fool every time and every day, that is not good for Tata Indicom subscriber or Tata reputation because am a NRI and in my place lot of my Indian friends if i say all this story so u know Tata Indicom reputation. Regarding for this matter I will talk Mr. Rohit, Asst. Manager, mobile No. 921300000, 9250909050 also he will also promise me he will says within 24 hours will replace your Instrument LG LSP350T and that time he ask my email ID for forward CC copy of my complaint for me but yet now he will also not do anything. Yesterday 20-12-2007, I talk Mr. Rohit he will give me assure 1000% your instrument replace today but again same story, in evening I will again contact him so many time but he will not pick my and not give me ring back, at last for bad experience & bad service for lot of phone discussion and taking lot of lollipop’s from Tata Indicom Dealer, Distributor & Customer Care finally am decide withdrawn the Tata Indicom Walky within 20 days, because of a very bad service from Tata Indicaom.

    But even then TATA Indicom is cheating by taking customers money for this service without pre inform which instrument they will provide to customer, with a promise of commitment replace in 48 hrs. After taking the money and application what there people say is all fraud. Few of there statement as below:-

    · Make a call to customer care; we are not responsible for this.

    · Stock is not available, may come within a week.

    · We are sending our executive in one hour.

    · This request will only be handle by head office.

    · Head office says, No we don’t deal with this type of request. Please contact the executive who took your application.

    · Executive shouts and says we can’t do without order from service center.

    All above statements are by Tata Indicom people. They don’t know what they are doing and what the need of a customer is even when customer explains everything before applying for a service or product.

    All I can say in short is

    · Ridiculous behaviour of Indicom people.

    · Worst service by TATA Indicom.

    · They don’t have products and services for which they are making money.

    · TATA Indicom executive, they should not be called as executive because they appoint any one for anything doesn’t matter whether he can speak/write or not.

    · TATA Indicom is a scam.

    · Complete fraud and cheating services.

    I have sent the above problem to all there e-mails of nodal officers and senior executives in the hope of take neccessary action for this matter because of its same thing happen some other customer, thats not good for Tata Indicom repu.

  13. ==============================================
    today is 15 feb 2008, have not heard from any one from tata, with refer to my complaint. i even told them to sue, in consumer court, i feel its time to bring them to justice.

    The Manager,
    Customer Service & Grievance cell,
    TATA indicom

    Subject: Financial loss & Mental harassment provided by your faulted phone 0172 6535464
    and poor after sales service.

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I had got installed a new connection 0172 – 6535464 by contacting your representative Mr. Sanjay on 9216707265 on somewhere near 16/7/2007 at around 6PM.

    He directed to Mr. Sanjeev Ph 9216707248 to contact me and install the above said phone.

    I had been very clear to them from day one that, I am supposed to get a contract from USA on 25/7/2007 morning, so please make sure that set is working before that.

    The above phone was installed at my place on 19/7/2007. It was found switched off on the same day. It was activated on 23/7/2007 and it was to my real surprise on 24/7/2007 in morning that phone was again switched off. I contacted Mr. Sanjeev on 9217607248 at near 11 AM and he updated me that he is visiting me in next one hour from Mohali.

    I kept on calling him till 5 PM then I got a call from customer care that Mr. Sanjeev had filed a complaint number 79923379 and my phone will be replaced before 8 – 9 PM because of my business calls from USA on 25/7/2007. Technical person visited my placed and updated that phone is faulted and it is to be replaced. I kept contacting all on phones they has switched off and no one ever responded.

    Next day I call Mr. Sanjeev and had updated him, I want my refund of Rs 1061/- else I am approaching consumer court for financial loss and mental harassment and deficiency in service. Since the phone had not even worked a day. I am supposed to have full refund and in this case, I have legal rights to have 100% refund. I have also discussed this case with my lawyer. In an option, we go to consumer court, I shall claim compensation, on the bases of value my business contract delayed because of your services . I had already made a DETAILED LIST OF CALLS & SMS done to all.

    I asked him the customer care numbers. Which were also not updated to me. Neither the documentation provided by them has any direct customer care number.

    He told me that he will come and pick the phone personally on 29/7/2007 but till today 3/8/2007 at 11:15 he has not visited my place.

    The phone is dead till this time and another call has been made to collect the phone to Mr. Sanjeev and he has conveyed that he will surly visit today (3/8/2007), lets see. Phone not picked twice at 2:30 PM (3/8/2007)
    Phone was switched off at 5:15PM on 3/8/2007

    On 07/08/2007 I called Mr. Sanjeev atleast with 25 missed called, only then he revered to collect complaint / refund request

    complaint received on 07/08/2007 by Mr. Sanjeev Time _____________

    And FULL refund will issued before ______in appox 10- 12 days______________________

    today is 15 feb 2008, have not heard from any one from tata, with refer to my complaint. i even told them to sue, in consumer court, i feel its time to bring them to justice.

  14. I have never such cheat service provider..I took plug&surf connection alongwith three of my friends in Hyderabad..30 hrs use was free.During DEC-JAN08 Bill they charged Rs 1732.0.My internet use was only 39 Hrs.
    After several calls thay responded and said that my internet use was 69 hrs.They have provided dialer which will show internet log in my system and that exactly match with clock.They say that they wont believe that and at their public centre at Secunderabad there is an unexperienced careless manager name surya and other ladies who are more busy in chating with their friends(!)PARALLELLY.
    Any body advice me how to combat this injustice…

  15. Tataindicom? They should change their name to TataindiCON,because all they’ve been doing is conning people.I applied a month ago and was told it would get activated within 5 days.After 7 days,the verfication,which is the first stage of the process,had yet not been done.On the 8th day they tell me verification has failed and i would have to submit documents again…which i did,the very same day.Then they tell me that they didn’t submit the documents i had given them within 10 days so verification had failed..AGAIN.So they asked me to submit my dad’s photo id and undertaking..which i did.Then they say that the sign on his pan card and the sign on the letter does not match,which is horseshit,because its the same..he’s been signing the same signature since i was born,and as far as i can tell,since he was born.So they ask me to submit documents again.Which again,i did,today.

    So finally when he comes to install,the dimwit fiddles with my computer for a while and says that he can’t install it,and that i should ask for my money back.When asked WHY he can’t,he says because the internet isn’t working on my computer.Well,duh.I asked WHY it isn’t working…silence.Asks me to take money back.Which sounds fairly easy,but i have been asking for the money since 20 days,to which the classic “tomorrow” answer is thrown at me.

    I have had more than enough.I just hope that these incompetent and arrogant fools are born as toilet seats in their next lives,so that they get what its like to take shit from others…thats the worst curse i can come up with right now.

  16. Tata indicom is fraud company . They send absurd bill. They will send you bill after disconnection of your line. 2 months back I have appliced for disconnection of tata indicom and they have disconnected it and then also sending the absurd bill.
    They will rob U never take the tata indicom talky connection.

  17. hi i purchased a tata indicom plug to surf equipment , as useual the fraudsters took money and never even gave the devise or the connection now he says the person requires a bribe what to say for all this anyways the customer service give another customerservice tel.no.and they give one more god knows is ttsl a govt of india or care of footpath…..

  18. Tata Indicom Broadband internet service and support is really bad – Don’t buy !

    In past 3 months my net service worked for just 30 days. The mails sent to tata indicom customer care team were not responded to for week at a time. Their nodal officer is gutless freak who says that no matter if service was not there.. I will be charged.
    Its in their policy – No Refund!

    I have exchanged some 200 mails and the copy paste working is inhuman. The response I get from them is way off the mark. They have retards working in their team who have been assigned incentive to harass customers .

    They don’t understand the word refund or disconnect! Their server shows me logged in even when their line is not connected!Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, if I can get net without their line, why the hell will I need to pay them?

    Their engineers are great ! They have been ringing my door ball at 6:30 in the evening!
    I don’t know what they do the whole day ! They close the service calls at their end and tata indicom seems to be helpless. I keep filing complaints and they either ignore them or close the calls without even checking up!

    As a customer you will be required to coordinate between the customer service and engineer yourself, and damn , you won’t get paid for it either .
    I was denied refund or disconnection! My fault – I asked the damn service to be removed as it was not working for 2 weeks and there was no response from their team !

    Just imagine – Tata indicom charging all its customers on daily basis , even when they do not provide services . Isn’t it shocking! A policy that states that there will be no refund! Even when there is no service?
    They play around to show usage on customer account to justify the charges! Damn, my system was not even switched on for a whole week!

    After wasting many a hours sending mails and trying to show them some reason , I have finally stopped . I just want you to avoid such a service company and place your hard earned money elsewhere ! With Tata indicom you will only suffer nd get cheated . Tata indicom is a fraud company . Avoid it at all cost !

    If you want to know more views – please check the links below :

    You can find endless list if you just type tata indicom service on google .
    All said and done – I just want to warn you – Please don’t go for tata indicom internet broadband services. It’s pathetic.

    Yours Sincerely!

  19. i had taken a broadband connection for three months,for which i had to call there sevice centr everyday without fail to get me connected for which they never bothered,now that my period for 3 months is getting over they have done some repair that it is getting me cnnected easily now i am conffused weathe i should carry on with this connection or not, any suggestion

  20. my name is rajesh and i was using the tataindicom prepaid conection but they are not responding the call centers when a problem is araised

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