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A few days ago I blogged about getting around with Yahoo! LAUNCHCAST radio, how its FREE service is good & its downsides on having the limitations of 400 songs/month & 5 song skips/hour. 🙁

But Yahoo! Launchcast is not the only choice for internet-radio listeners. 😀 There are many many free internet radio stations to which you can tune into & have a blast!! Like there’s Nullsoft Shoutcast having dozens of radion stations being broadcasted from around the globe, catering to every taste & genre!! Then there’s Live365. However Live 365 just sucks!! Its only good if you can pay them. I tried to listen as a free listener & they have this limit of only 3 listeners at a time per radio station & their speed is just horrible. :dizzy:

But what I found today early morning(at around 3am) was really cool, MSN Radio. This service has both FREE & Paid memberships. You are not required to have an MSN account to listen as a FREE listener. And it looks better than Yahoo! Launchcast so far. I’ve just had 2-3 commercials in 5 hours that I’ve listened it so far & I can skip as many songs as I want. There are more stations, more songs, no restriction at all. Besides, you don’t need anything else except a browser to listen(it works only in IE, not in Opera v8 and FireFox v1.0.3 as I tested). You can also listen in Windows Media Player if you want. There are a lot of stations to choose from but some stations are only for paid members!! 👿

But what I liked more about MSN Radio is that I heard skip-free music 99% of the time, on the same connection on which I hear Yahoo! Launchcast in bits and pieces most of the time!!!

So if you’ve heard Yahoo! Launchcast, then hear MSN Radio & you’ll find it a lot better!! You don’t need to signup to listen to it & you don’t need MSN Messenger too, you just need IE or Windows Media Player!! 😀