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The other day, I found a nifty online tool that lets you type in Hindi. This Hindi Keyboard offered by is though quite basic but is cool for those who don’t know the keyboard layout for Hindi Glyphs(like me)!! So an online keyboard is present which you can click with your mouse and the output is displayed in Unicode format in a textbox.

One limitation of this tool however is that it doesn’t have support for all the half-consonants & half-vowels, so you’ll have a problem there using this tool, but hey, its cool otherwise!! 😉

Also, you should be aware that you need a Unicode supporting browser & OS for the characters to display correctly & if you decide to copy paste the output string in a text editor or anything, make sure it can handle unicode format and the font used is a unicode font, like Arial Unicode MS. Microsoft WindowsXP & Windows2003 handle unicode quite well with Internet Explorer 6 & above, though FireFox & Opera also support unicode quite well. If you don’t have a unicode font, then you lookup’s Resources for one!! If you are on WindowsXP or above, then you’ll have the Arial Unicode MS installed by default or you can find it in your Windows installation CD, its really quite good font, I’d recommend it if you can get it, its about 22MB in size!! 😉