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Its true, the OS that was considered as safe as a vault in the Oval Office, its now open to attacks and possible Computer-Jacking, thanks to the great software from Adobe. Its Adobe Reader, used for reading the popular PDF documents, for UNIX, versions 5.0.9, 5.0.10, that has a security flaw that can allow a hacker to possibly take over a computer’s control by having a gullible user run a malicious PDF file, reports Yahoo! News.

So Adobe is finally getting there, that perfect stage of complacency and arrogance which is common in big corporates who are more corporate minded than reasonable, by giving out bloated code that runs painstakingly slow and now is not even safe to use!! Really, people say that Microsoft runs foul with their PC’s security by not paying any attention to security in Windows, but atleast you can say that their own operating system is unsafe, but what can you possibly say to Adobe which has now brought the safe-as-a-vault operating system in the category of unsafe ones? 🙄

Adobe has released a security fix for this hole, more details can be seen at

As I know of it, people who use Adobe Reader on Unix/Linux will shift to an alternate reader. What I fail to understand is why people put up with Adobe Reader for reading PDF files where there are a lot of less bulky and light-weight Free PDF Readers available which don’t take ages and loads of RAM to startup!!

I think its about time the project managers at Adobe get their senses back, and invest some brain in their softwares, so that they are less bloated and doesn’t behave like RAM/CPU hungry gargoyles!! 👿