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Can you imagine? I can’t. Sad but true, Microsoft lost its Europe appeal & will now have to ship Windows without Windows Media Player, reports The Register.

I was against this when the decision was slapped by the EU on Micosoft & I’m still against it.

Firstly you don’t have any right to tell a company that they can’t give out a software of theirs for FREE with another software of theirs. That’s just taking away the freedom of doing business legitimately, that’s just dictatorship, when you are telling a company how they should sell their software, even when they are doing nothing wrong.

Secondly, where do the people have a say in this matter, as the EU so puffed-uply said that it should be people who should decide whether they want Windows Media Player in their software or not. Did the EU ask people’s opinion in this matter? Did they held a secret poll to know people’s opinion? No, they did nothing of that sort, they just slapped a Media Player less Windows onto the people & if they want Media Player, they can have it seperately, downloaded from Microsoft website. And what if some poor guy doesn’t have an internet connection(I don’t think Europe’s every computer user has an Internet Connection), then he’d have to possibly shell out a bit more to obtain the Media Player CD from his vendor. Otherwise, if he downloads it, it still requires bandwidth. Whose gonna pay in either case, the EU? 🙄

And what’s wrong with Media Player in there with Windows? If somebody doesn’t want it in their Windows, then simply un-install it or just ignore it. What’s the big fuss? No, the big fuss over here is that Real Networks is just trying hard to earn its much needed bread by selling some licenses of its in-capable trash of a music player called Real Player, to survive in a world where it doesn’t belong. 👿 I just don’t know why people bother to pay for that piece of crap when much better options are available for FREE in the form of Windows Media Player & Winamp? Just goes to show that there are still lots of dunder heads present in this world who don’t know what they are paying for. 🙄

I knew that there are some very senile people in EU but this is ridiculous. Or maybe they are more smart than what the rest of us think. Perhaps we should ask how much did Real Networks paid(or promised rather as I don’t think that they are in a situation to pay any big amount if they are this desperate) EU for this un-democratic decision.

I’m concerned about the people employed by the Real Networks, do they get their paycheck on time? 🙄

All I can say now is that people of Europe should slam this decision in EU’s face. That will be the right thing to do.