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The much awaited feature packed release of WordPress is finally here. I know I’ve been quite dull on the blogging front & I know I’m late in reporting this, given the fact that it was released last Monday(February 14th, 2005). But then, “I’ve been kinda busy”(not taking pictures of my friend ofcourse). 😉 But then I’m not the only one who’s late in reporting(or announcing). The official announcement came 3 days after the official release(that infrastructure issues is just a cover-up, Matt’s been busy with something really more important, you know what I mean). 😉

This release is what we WordPress users & others have been waiting for eagerly(as with any WP release). This is supposedly quite a tough version which battles the Comment & Trackback SPAM with a determination to win. With some good code rolled into the core(Kitten’s SPAM Words) & allies like Kitten’s Spaminator(licensed to kill, SPAM ofcourse), this is the version you would want really badly, if you’re hounded by SPAMMERS. 😀

Can’t wait to get your hands on it, yeah? Well, then GET WORDPRESS.

I’ll be upgrading to it ofcourse, as soon as I get time to do it. 😀