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Yep, WordPress 2.0, the one helluva of an update to WP1.5 that we WordPress users have been waiting for, which is currently in the RC(Release Candidate) status, is not far from being tagged as final v2.0 release. Matt announced it himself on the WP-Hackers list that it’ll probably be out on 21st or 22nd December 2005, though the date can be changed because as per him its not set in stone. 😉 Earlier tagged as a v1.6 release, the WordPress dev team jumped the version again as they did it(v1.3 -› v1.5) and from v1.6 it became v2.0 as it came in beta!! 😉

I’ve been playing quite a bit with the v1.6 & v2.0 nightlies & betas on my local computer & I’ve to admit, its a changed quite a lot. Those who don’t know about it yet & haven’t tried out any of the nightlies/betas/release candidates, well, I think that it’ll come as a pleasant surprise(or shock) to you that admin section has been overhauled quite a bit, for the better I see(& hope)!! 😀 It has new looks and new stuff to thrill you with and make your blogging experience a real treat!! 😉

But one thing that you should take notice of is that if you plan to upgrade to this upcoming glittering new release, then you better grab WordPress RC3(the latest Release Candidate) and start testing the themes and plugins you use with it as they might not work due to quite a bit of significant changes. A list of plugins tested with WordPress 2.0 can be seen here. I’ve already tested the theme & almost all of the other plugins I use here and they work flawlessly, including my iG:Syntax Hiliter which I need to give some testing time since I’ve not tested it more than a bit but I’m sure it won’t have any problems!! 😉

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the celebrations!! 😀