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Yes, a bug was reported in iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.0 that can stop the plugin from working, or in other words, can break your plugin and the post. This was due to the fact that a new RegEx was used for the tag parsing and I uh well…………..
So, if you used any square brackets like [ ] in your post, well, you can understand…………..

So here’s critical bug fix, iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.1 with not only this, but another minor bug fixed and some other bugs that I came across, including a bug fix in GeSHi. I’ve sent the fixed GeSHi to Nigel and hopefully it’ll be officially patched in its next release. But for now, you need to use the geshi.php provided with this plugin!! Also the language files bundled with iG:Syntax Hiliter have been updated with some style modifications, so essentially, you should make this a clean install, updating all files. 😉

So without further ado, please download iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.1, its a must update for users of v3.0 and ofcourse a most recommended update for v2.1 or lower(only if you are using WordPress 1.5 or above). 😀

As always, bugs/complaints/suggestions are welcome here or at the WP Support thread at or you can Contact Me(please mention iG:Syntax Hiliter as the subject).

UPDATE: A more generic fix has been applied to remove the whitespace between the opening tag brace(<) and the first character of the tag, which is placed by WordPress. If you don’t display any code except that of PHP, JSP, ASP or RubyOnRails, then you won’t need it, but if you display any other tag based code, like ColdFusion, Blogger or MovableType template tags etc, then this fix is a must for you unless you prefer broken tags.

Please download the plugin again for the latest version.

IMPORTANT: iG:Syntax Hiliter doesn’t change or fix your code in anyway, it simply manipulates it a bit for on screen display. Your code remains saved in the same form as it was saved by you.